Our kennel history

    I was born in 1979 and my first steps followed our first Wire Fox Terrier ZINA Z HAMBALEK. This bitch was very succesful and usable hunting dog. She was mostly used as the great "fox hunter".


Zina z Hambalek

     To own fox terrier like great hunting dog was reason, why my father bought next bitch BOJKA OD MERTY, who was also excellent "fox hunter". When both females died in 1986, was bought in 1987 next wire fox terrier FIFI Z HAMBALEK. This bitch is the first, who was written impressive to my memory.

     I graduated succesfully exams for hunting licence in 1997. I decided to buy my first dog. From the kennel "z Víselců" (breeder Josef Komárek) I bought Wire Fox Terrier GELA Z VÍSELCŮ. She was at show very good and made succesfully ZV (Talent spring trial). She accidentaly died in 2 years of the age. 


     To forgot our sadness has helped us bitch KIRBY TAJFUN  (breeder Mr. Adámek). Kirby has been worthy champion (Czech and polish champion). She examinated Talent spring trial (ZV) and Earthdog trials (ZN and MSBL).

     In 2001 was found the kennel Z BENKOVSKÉHO KOPCE. Kennel prefix was choosed by the place, where died our first bitch Gela z Viselců.
    In 2002 Kirby whelped our first litter. On our web sites You can compare, if we have followed the right way. 



Your kennel  z BENKOVSKÉHO KOPCE & Dalibor Smékal